Imagine Using Overhead Cranes In Your Manufacturing Plant

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If your manufacturing plant isn't using overhead cranes, maybe it should be. There are a lot of things an overhead crane can do to help improve the efficiency in your plant, as well as to keep those who work in the plant safer from accidents and injuries. Here is some information on using overhead cranes in manufacturing facilities, so you can imagine what it would be like to use them in your own.

They can easily transport items from one process to another

The items that are being manufactured in your facility can be picked up and transported from one station to the next throughout the manufacturing process. This can help alleviate the need for having other equipment on the floor, such as forklifts, that can take up a lot of working space and can increase the chances of accidents in the workplace.

You can have several of the overhead cranes working in the facility, so you can keep things moving along with an overhead crane being dedicated to each of the stations, if this is what would work best. So, you could have an item picked up after one part of its production phase is completed and have it taken to the next station. Once that phase is complete, the overhead crane would do the same, moving it to the next station, and so on. This also allows the employee who was working on it to immediately begin on the next item to be worked on.

They can accommodate various needs as far as size, shape, and weight goes

If an item being manufactured begins relatively small in size and doesn't weigh much, then the crane dedicated to it can be a smaller one. Then, the overhead cranes can increase in size and capabilities as the item becomes larger and heavier throughout the process.

They can place the final product onto a trailer or the loading dock

Once the item is complete, then the overhead crane can see it through to the final phase of loading. It can load it directly onto a trailer, or on the dock. This means that you can count on the overhead cranes to be there from start to finish, while the plant's floor remains free of equipment traffic. This means more room for larger stations and employees and fewer chances of user error or other problems with forklifts, dollies, or other moving equipment.

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20 March 2020

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