What Type Of Metals Are Used For Electroplating Finishes?

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Electroplating is a process that can be used to apply a layer of metal. There is a surprisingly large variety of metals that can be applied using the electroplating process. Therefore, it's helpful to understand the advantages of each type of metal within this context.


Cadmium is a commonly used metal for electroplating because they are very resistant to corrosion. Cadmium has a high degree of electrical conductivity. It also has very low friction.


Gold has traditionally been used for decorative purposes and to create jewelry. However, gold can also serve many industrial purposes. Gold is one of the least reactive metals and is very resistant to corrosion. Materials coated in gold are also much more durable and are able to transmit an electrical current. Because gold is biocompatible, it can be used in medical equipment as well.


Zinc coating can give a product a corrosion-resistant barrier. Zinc is useful in situations where an object will be exposed to moisture. Under some environmental conditions, zinc degrades more slowly than any other metal. Therefore, electroplating is often used when it's necessary to create a barrier against moisture.


Tin is a very soft, ductile and malleable metal. It is able to be stretched and molded into several shapes without cracking. Tin is often used because it is non-toxic. It is also conductive and is very resistant to corrosion. Because of the properties of tin, it is very often used in the food manufacturing industry. It also tends to be less expensive compared with other metals. Tin is often used to shield other materials that are more likely to corrode, such as copper.

Hard Chrome

Manufacturers often use hard chrome plating to give a product a smooth and shiny surface. The hardness and durability of hard chrome plating mean that the product will last longer. The longevity of the hard chrome coating is based on how the surface is prepared and cared for, the type of plating solution used and the thickness of the plating solution. 


Electroplating is used in bright nickel plating. This type of plating is not as durable or ductile as other options. However, nickel can be relatively conductive. Because of the high leveling properties of nickel, you'll have an easier time hiding imperfections. But if you are still not sure which metal to use, ask an electroplating contractor if he or she has any advice.


21 March 2020

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