3 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Using Listeria Enrichment Broth In Your Food Processing Facility

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You might already know about UVM modified listeria enrichment broth, and you and your employees might already use it in your food processing facility. After all, as you probably already know, this can be a good way to perform quality testing and food safety testing within your facility. Just because you and your employees are already using listeria enrichment broth does not mean that you are using it in the proper way, however. For example, you could be making one or more of these mistakes. If you are, now is a good time to make some changes so you can make the most out of the benefits that listeria enrichment broth can provide.

1. Not Using it Often Enough

Of course, it probably isn't realistic for you and your employees to test all of the food products that are made in your facility. However, there is a chance that you aren't performing enough testing right now. Consider making use of listeria enrichment broth more often by performing more tests on the foods that are made in your food processing facility. After all, listeria enrichment broth can be purchased for an affordable price, and testing doesn't take very long once you have the proper protocols in place. By performing more testing, you can help ensure that your facility only sends out products that are safe for your customers.

2. Not Buying it From the Right Supplier

Another mistake that you could be making is not purchasing your company's listeria enrichment broth from the right supplier. Your supplier should always have listeria enrichment broth in stock, should provide affordable pricing, and should provide high-quality listeria enrichment broth that you can count on for proper testing.

3. Not Training Your Employees Properly

Of course, proper testing is important when you and your employees are using listeria enrichment broth. Therefore, you shouldn't make the mistake of not training your employees properly. Take the time to train the employees who will be performing the testing to ensure that they know about the best practices for using listeria enrichment broth.

When used properly, listeria enrichment broth can be an incredibly helpful tool to use in a food processing facility. However, there is a chance that you and your employees are making at least one of the mistakes listed above. If you want to ensure that you are using listeria enrichment broth in the proper manner, make sure that you avoid making the mistakes above. Then, you can ensure that you are performing quality and food safety testing in the best way possible in your facility.


30 June 2020

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