Purchase Wire Mesh Sifters And Accessories That Can Be Used For A Geology Activity

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If you're a teacher looking for interesting way to teach your students geology, consider using sifting screens. Sifting screens are constructed of wire mesh and contain a border and handle grips that can be held onto while separating raw materials. Sifting is used in many industries and can also be used for educational purposes. If your next geology chapter is going to pertain to classifying different types of rocks, sand, and dirt, purchase some wire mesh sifting devices for your students to use during a hands on activity.

Wire Mesh Components That Are Non-Corrosive

There are many ways that you can teach your students about the matter that comprises the earth's surface. A non-corrosive wire mesh material that is encased in plastic or treated wood can be utilized during a learning experiment that requires your pupils to submerge each mesh screen into a basin of water.

This type of equipment can also be used for dry applications, which will require your students to scoop up dry components and separate them, based upon size, color, and texture. Invest in sifting trays or pans that contain wire mesh sheets that are varying grades. The grades will determine the thickness of the wire and the space that is in between each grouping of wire pieces that form a grid. 

A Sampling Of How To Use And Clean A Sifter

Purchase some wire brushes or scrub pads that your students can use when they have finished inspecting raw materials. Fill up a large basin with water and dump river rocks, sand, silt, and other materials that are typically located at the bottom of a river or stream, into the basin. Fill another basin with rocks, dirt, and other components that are typically found on dry land. Fill one last basin with plain water that has some detergent added to it.

Supply your students with wire mesh screens, magnifying glasses, tweezers, and collection boxes. Have your students pair up and sit around the table where the project will take place. Perform a sifting demonstration, which involves using a wire mesh tray or a pan and collecting components from both of the basins.

Upon completion, assign each duo to take turns collecting items from the basin and sifting them, so that small particles are separated from larger materials. Instruct your pupils to identify the materials to the best of their ability. When the activity is over, request that the students use a wire brush or a scrub pad to clean each mesh tray.

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29 July 2020

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