Three Uses For A Heat Recovery Steam Generator

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Heat recovery steam generators are industrial systems that collect excess heat and use it to produce steam, which can then be made for other purposes. These other purposes include running a turbine, desalination of salt-water, and even assisting in the shutdown of large ocean vessels.

Steam Powered Turbines

Heat recovery steam generators are frequently used to power turbines to produce electricity. The industrial technology will collect heat that is produced by other industrial systems, use it to boil water, and use the steam to turn a turbine. They can help recover energy that would otherwise naturally be lost throughout the energy producing process, which can add to the amount of heat that is able to be used to make steam, and therefore make energy. They frequently do this in conjunction with gas turbines by collecting the heat from gas turbine exhaust that would otherwise go to waste.


Since heat recovery steam generators allow industrial power plants to make more energy with the same amount of fuel, they are frequently used outside of steam powered turbines. For example, many Gulf states also use them to make desalination more efficient, which is important in an area that is surrounded by salt water on one side and desert on another. Desalination relies on the production of steam that separates salt from water, and steam generators meant to collect excess heat can help keep desalination costs lower than what they would be otherwise.

Mariner's Energy

Finally, heat recovery steam generators are also used in the maritime world. Fuel is an incredibly expensive part of owning or managing an ocean vessel of any kind, and the larger the vessel the harder it is to remain on budget as boats fight currents, waves, wind, and other forces just to run the engine. Marine vessels that run on steam turbines for power can and do benefit from heat recovery steam generators you might typically find in a traditional industrial environment, as their ability to improve efficiency is important. Plus, the larger ocean vessels more than have the space needed for these systems.

Heat recovery steam generators fill an important slot in the industrial market, as they help increase the efficiency of any heating or energy system that uses or wants to use a steam turbine. If you have a steam powered turbine in your industrial business, whether for energy production, desalination, or even running a ship, then a heat recovery steam generator is a must-have.


29 August 2020

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