What Types Of Problems Can You Prevent By Packing Products With Foam Inserts?

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When packaging your company's product for storage or shipping, it's important to use the right packaging materials. You might already have cardboard boxes, tape, and other packaging supplies, but you might not have any foam inserts. Purchasing foam inserts that are the right size for your packaging needs -- or custom ordering foam inserts to ensure that they are a proper fit -- can be a great idea. After all, using foam inserts for packing can help you prevent a lot of problems, including the ones listed below.

Scratched and Dented Surfaces

In some cases, you have to worry about scratched or dented surfaces if you aren't careful about how you package and ship your products. For example, the items in a box might rub against one another, leaving damaged surfaces. You can help keep items separated and can help prevent this type of damage by using foam inserts in-between different parts or items that are packed in each box.

Broken Items

In some cases, you have to worry about more than just scratched or dented surfaces if items move around a lot during shipping. Depending on what the items are made of and how much they are jostled around, there is a chance that some of the items could break during the moving and shipping process. For example, items that are made out of glass, porcelain, ceramic, or other fragile materials can break during shipping, but using foam inserts can help a lot.

A Lot of Noise

Depending on the items that are being shipped, you have to worry about a lot of noise. Some items can be very noisy if they move around a lot in their packaging, depending on what they are made of. You can help ensure that your boxes aren't very noisy when they are moved around by simply using foam inserts during the packaging process.

Wasted Packaging

Of course, there are other types of packaging that you can use to protect your products when you're packing them for shipping. For example, you can use packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other similar products. However, you can avoid wasting packaging by using foam inserts. This can be a good way to cut down on environmental impact and cost for your business. Plus, you will probably find that foam inserts will do a better and more effective job of protecting your products than other types of packaging materials would.

To learn more, reach out to a foam insert manufacturer or supplier in your area.


18 September 2020

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