Why You Should Use CNC Machining Instead Of Manual Machining In Your Shop

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If you work in the machining industry, you probably have a wide variety of different tools and mechanisms that you use to work your materials into the right shape or size. But if you are still tackling all of your machining manually, you may be falling behind in your industry. Today, more and more companies in your industry are turning to CNC machining due to all of the additional benefits it provides. Here's what CNC machining is and why you should upgrade your shop today.

CNC Machining Uses Software and Computers to Automate Every Movement

The power of CNC machining lies in the software that it uses. If you are frequently creating the same final product dozens or hundreds of times every day, you are likely following the same exact motions during the act of completing the work. CNC machining tools can use software to move your tools for you. The entire process can become automated instead of doing it all by hand. This can immediately provide you and your workers with a variety of different benefits.

Greater Consistency Across Products

Your machinists are of course very good at what they do, but they are human. Human beings make mistakes sometimes, even when highly experienced. This could mean that one finished product might have a slight imperfection compared to another. Maybe the worker just did not complete it with the same level of precision as the last piece. When you move to CNC machinery, the computer controls each and every movement of the tools. The tools absolutely will cut or otherwise move through the materials in the exact same way each and every time. This will create greater consistency across all of your finished products as there will be no imperfections to deal with.

Boost Production and Work More Quickly

Because everything is controlled by computer, production will go up. CNC machining tools can simply work faster than a manual worker. You'll be able to create more finished pieces in the same amount of time and this will boost your inventory levels and then hopefully your revenue as well because you'll have more product to move.

Reduce Workplace Injuries

You may still of course want to keep your manual machinists on staff for certain tasks, but when you move the bulk of the work to CNC machining, this will remove workers from harm's way. You probably know all too well that working with machinery in your industry can be dangerous. With CNC, the tools are handled by the computer and your employees can focus on less dangerous tasks.


17 November 2020

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