How Your Military Organization Can Benefit From Non Fat Dry Milk Media

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Are you in charge of managing a military platoon or any other group that will be spending significant time away from your main base or in active action? You obviously have a lot of different things to consider, but one thing that might go overlooked while you are packing up your weapons, ammunition and technical gear is how you are going to keep your troops fed and in good health while on the move. You may already make use of military meal kits designed to offer food on the go, but if you are looking for ways to improve your nutrition in the field, one thing you or those above you in the organization might want to consider adding to your meal kits is non fat dry milk media. Here's how dry milk powder or media can be a good fit for your military organization or group as you move from place to place.

Be Able to Transport Milk With You Without Taking Up a Lot of Space

You likely have hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of equipment that you and your team collectively need to carry with you wherever you go. This likely doesn't leave a whole lot of extra room for additional food. One of the key benefits of dry milk powder or media is that it can be transported with ease. The dry milk container will take up less space than fluid milk and depending on the type you get, as little as one teaspoon may be enough for a full glass of milk. Dry milk is ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of milk as a drink or in their cooking but without wasting any storage space while on the move.

Use Milk Without Having to Worry About It Spoiling

Another reason you likely haven't taken milk with you before is that traditional fluid-based milk spoils within a relatively short time frame. But with dry milk, this is no longer an issue. It's common for most forms of dry milk media to last 12 months or even considerably longer. This lets you pack a container or two without having to worry about it going bad over time. You have enough to worry about out in the field without having to think about expiration dates in your meal kits.

Get Your Soldiers the Nutrients They Need Wherever They Go

Finally, one last reason to consider adding dry milk to your military meal kits is that it is packed with nutrients. Your soldiers can make use of calcium and vitamins to keep them going while out in the field. Some forms of dry milk powder are even infused with more nutrients than you would find in traditional fluid-based milk.

For more information about non fat dry milk media, or nfdm prepared media, contact your military food supplier.


26 July 2021

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